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San Diego Chiropractors

Locations of San Diego Health and Wellness Centers

San Diego Chiropractors is a part of San Diego Health and Wellness Centers. Our wellness centers include chiropractic, nutrition and massage services at locations throughout San Diego county.

Dr. Jeremy von Buelow and his team are proponents of a healthy lifestyle that includes proper hydration and nutrition, as well as professional care from a highly skilled San Diego Chiropractor and/or massage therapist. San Diego Health and Wellness Centers offer various types of chiropractic adjustments at all of our locations. The chiropractic Adjustment is the primary method our chiropractors pursue to improving health of ones spine and nervous system. San Diego Health & Wellness chiropractors have developed various techniques to gain the most optimal results according to the patients’ needs and comfort level. Please call us to setup your consultation today.

San Diego Chiropractic and Massage: Our main areas of practice for sufferers of auto injuries and other accidents and aliments.

Chiropractors rehabilitate and manage chronic pain symptoms and patterns with the aim of achieving maximal therapeutic effect.

Massage Therapists help to relax muscles to relieve tension, which improves range of motion and joint flexibility, while strengthening the immune system.

Physiotherapy, aka Physical Therapy helps to rehabilitate injured muscles, reduce disabilities, promote mobility, improve and sustain a patient’s quality of life.