Chiropractic, particularly sports chiropractic, can be of enormous benefit in training and preventing sports-related injuries and improving athletic performance. Whether your goal is playing pass in the back yard or being competitive in your next event, our focus is to optimize your next opportunity. For the athlete, chiropractic care is great for restoration of the spine to ensure it moves properly; helping to relieve pain; and to reduce inflammation after an injury. However, many athletes are using chiropractic care as a preventive care to avoid injury in today’s highly competitive world. Whether it is golf, football, or participation in triathlons, chiropractic care is a key proactive ingredient to help you prevent injury in any sport.

Some of the benefits Athletes receive with Sport Chiropractic are:

  • Performing Faster
  • Better Coordination & Balance
  • Increased Range of Motion – Better Movement
  • Peak Performance – Allowing you to be your Best!
  • Proactive strategy for Reducing Injuries

At San Diego Health & Wellness Centers, we utilize chiropractic techniques to mobilize the bones/joints of the spine. It is imperative that muscles are responding appropriately allowing the joints to move accordingly. When joint function is abnormal, there is decreased range of motion, scar tissue, pain, swelling, and calcium buildup. Which all lead to decreased performance to athletes. micro-injures that are caused by repetitive motions, improper lifting technique, overexertion, falls, slips, accidents, and other causes.

Helping to restore normal mobility, function, and range of motion to joints , muscles or fascia that have become “locked-up”, “jammed”, “contracted” or injured. While improving blood supply to the injured area, reducing scar tissue, increasing range of motion, while speeding up the natural healing process. We utilize soft tissue techniques to inhibit overactive muscles and corrective exercises to activate muscles.

This means you get better faster!