Physiotherapy Services

“Our Health and Wellness experts utilize a wide range of services, including Physiotherapy for our San Diego patients.”

Physiotherapy Services - stretches
Our San Diego chiropractors will utilize therapeutic stretches/exercises along with physical therapy modalities to rehabilitate injured muscles and nerves, reduce disabilities, promote mobility and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Physiotherapy ServicesTherapeutic Stretches – Our chiropractors will create and guide you through a stretching routine to achieve optimal results and recovery. Stretching is important as a means of preventing scar tissue from forming. Even after healing regular stretching helps maintain proper flexibility and motion which also prevents re-injury.

Physiotherapy Services Various ModalitesTherapeutic Exercises – Our chiropractors will create specific strength and conditioning exercises. This will decrease pain, strengthen muscle, promote joint health, increase mobility and reduce the risk of new injuries.

Physical Therapy Modalities – Our chiropractors will use various physical therapy modalities to achieve proper and optimal healing.

Physiotherapy Services - Electrical Muscle StimulationElectrical Muscle Stimulation – light electrical impulses are transmitted to the skin creating pain relief and reducing muscle spasm

Ultrasound – uses sound waves to create heat to therapeutically increase blood flow, decrease pain, muscle spasm, stiffness and swelling.

Physiotherapy ServicesOur Doctors will locate and detect areas of concern that require attention. Once the source is determined through a detailed exam then our chiropractors will utilize therapeutic stretches/exercises and Physiotherapy, along with chiropractic adjustments to correct the underlying cause of the problem.

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